Can I Customize My Client Deliverables?

Customization Options for the Tax Report and Other Client Deliverables

Have you ever wondered what customization options you have within Holistiplan? Firm Admins have the ability to add a custom logo and disclaimer language to your firm's client deliverables. To put your unique stamp on your reports, first navigate to Settings > Customization.

In the Firm Logo section, click the Upload button. Navigate to your logo image on your local drive. We suggest choosing an image that is at least 75 pixels tall by 75 pixels wide. The maximum width for logos is 400 pixels.

If the image looks too small on your reports, have the image file resized to fit the above specs. Typically the short and wide logos show up the best on the deliverables!

Scroll further down the Customization page to find sections for adding custom Report Disclaimer Language and Tax Letter Customization to customize your headers and disclaimer for your Tax Letters.

When copying/pasting text into your custom disclaimer language or tax letter headers below, make sure to paste that text in without formatting. To do this, instead of simply pasting the text, paste using the Ctrl + Shift + V command. Pasting formatted text will often lead to an error in getting the custom language to be saved.

For more about customizing your Tax Letters, both on a firm-wide basis and individually for each client, check out out article on the Customization Options Within the Tax Letter!